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State Route 2 , Proctor , WV 26055
-80.86 39.77

809 Division St , Parkersburg , WV 26101
-81.55 39.25

712 N State Route 2 , New Martinsville , WV 26155
-80.86 39.68

213 1/2 Lafayette Ave , Moundsville , WV 26041
-80.75 39.93

1701 Grand Central Ave , Vienna , WV 26105
-81.55 39.32

1306 Murdoch Ave , Parkersburg , WV 26101
-81.56 39.27

1000 Custer Hollow Rd Room 408 C1 Inside Fbi Complex, Clarksburg , WV 26306
-80.29 39.33

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Credit Unions in WV are owned by members of a financially based cooperative. The main focus is to provide inexpensive rates and financial services to members only. Many credit unions have a strong focus on community which benefits it's members in helping to develop the local community.

In general, Credit Unions are non-profit in the United States which allows them to provide their members with very competitive rates and services when compared to banks. They date back to 1852 when Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffelsen began them in Germany.

There are many Credit Unions located throughout the world in multiple countries with pioneers in France, Italy, Germany and more. On average, about 7.5% of all countries have one totaling over 3 million members worldwide.

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Popular WV Credit Unions Locations
Bayer Heritage FCU in New Martinsville, WVWest Virginia Central CU in Vienna, WVBayer Heritage FCU in Moundsville, WVJustice FCU in Clarksburg, WVBayer Heritage FCU in Proctor, WVWest Virginia Central CU in Parkersburg, WV

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